Maersk has been awarded by Danish Accountants Association


Sometimes it is a tough choice, but the Group believes that being honest and upright in the annual Sustainability Report is closely linked to how it does business. Now, the Group’s efforts are being recognised.

Group CEO Nils S. Andersen will on behalf of Maersk accept an award for the 2011 Sustainability Report at a ceremony today in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the Group is headquartered.

“The success of the Group both locally and globally is closely linked to a continued and constant development of the markets in which we conduct our business. It’s our fundamental belief that we make ourselves more competitive by integrating sustainability into our daily work,” he says.

“Our ambition of creating strong financial results and our sustainability efforts go hand in hand. It isn’t just strongly in our own interest to deliver efficient sustainable solutions to our customers and partners all over the world; it’s also a part of our values.”

The award, from the Danish Accountants’ Association (DAA), recognises Maersk for the “open and honest dealing with even the more difficult issues such as the supply chain challenges, corruption and safety problems.”

“Having the courage to be open and transparent about complex points on the sustainability agenda is absolutely necessary in order to make long-term changes,” says Birgitte Mogensen, chairperson of the DAA committee, which chose Maersk as the winner.

The Danish Minister for Business and Growth Ole Sohn will present the award to Group CEO Nils S. Andersen.

Here are a few examples of how the Group has dealt with difficult issues in the 2011 Sustainability Report:

– Maersk recognises where it can do better on safety, especially in terms of reaching its goal of zero fatalities.

– Maersk recognises it may take time to reach the goal of eliminating facilitation payments. Maersk policy is to refuse these payments and document if unavoidable.

– Maersk recognises it has not reached its target in terms of suppliers, who have signed up to the Group’s Responsible Procurement system.

– Maersk recognises that there are challenges related to economic development in growth markets, such as increased resource use, protection of human rights and climate change.

Source – Maerskpress

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