Far Sun upgrade increases vessel environmentally friendly operations


The Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) Far Sun was delivered from VARD to Farstad Shipping in 2014 for immediate commencement of its long-term charter contract with Statoil out of Stavanger. The vessel will be equipped with batteries for energy storage and increase its environmentally friendly operation.

Far Sun is a modern, energy efficient diesel electric PSV. The environmental impact will now be further reduced, in particular when loading and offloading during offshore operations, where fuel consumption and emissions will be significantly reduced, but optimal utilization of energy storage will be beneficial for all operating modes.

Farstad Shipping has always focused on new technology for more efficient and safe operation with a minimum of environmental impact from its operations. The upgrade of Far Sun incorporates the range of measures in this regard, says Børge Nakken, VP Technology and Development of Farstad Shipping.

In close cooperation, Farstad Shipping and Vard Electro have analyzed the vessel’s fuel economy, consumption and emissions for a longer period of time. VARD’s SeaQ ™ Energy Storage System will ensure further reductions in environmental impact and operating costs. In addition, increased security is achieved in terms of spinning reserve, response time as well as increased redundancy.

We are impressed by the strong focus Farstad Shipping has on safety and environmentally friendly operation of its fleet, as well as education of crews to ensure safe and efficient utilization of new technology. Having worked closely with Farstad through this project, we are convinced that the SeaQ ™ Energy Storage System will provide significant savings for Farstad and Statoil over time. The system enables the ship to utilize excess energy in all operating conditions, as well as simplifying the use of shore power. This will substantially reduce consumption and emissions. Another effect is less noise from ships in port, says Christian Søvik, VP Global Services of Vard Electro.

The SeaQ ™ Energy Storage System will be installed during the second half of 2017. Vard Electro is responsible for the entire project, which includes engineering, steel prefabrication, installation, integration, testing and commissioning. The ship will be awarded class notation “Battery Power” by DNV-GL. Focus is paid to shortest possible time out of service in connection with installation and testing of the new system.

New and stricter requirements by DNV-GL and Norwegian Maritime Authority for battery installations on board ships were published in 2016. Vard Aukra and Vard Electro have, in close cooperation with Farstad, developed a standardized solution in way of an additional deckhouse which complies with current regulations and is well suited for this type of upgrade of offshore vessels, ferries and other relevant ships. Vard Aukra, in cooperation with Vard Electro, has been awarded manufacturing, integration and installation of deckhouses and other equipment on board.

In this project, the battery supplier will be Corvus in Bergen. Corvus has been an important contributor to the project development. Corvus is a major player within maritime battery systems and holds a high level of competence on the subject.

The support from the Norwegian NOX-fund has been a crucial element in order to establish the project.

Farstad and VARD have been working closely together for many years in terms of a significant number of new vessels and numerous innovative concepts. Together they have received various awards like “Ship of the Year” and “OSV of the Year”. Both parties appreciate to continue the cooperation through these kind of upgrades.

Statoil is an important client of Farstad Shipping always focusing on improved safety and efficient operation in way of reduced environmental impact. Through a long-term contractual relationship and the high focus on reduced emissions, Statoil has been a key element in the efforts to have installed battery technology on board Far Sun.

Source: Farstad

By Rodrigo Cintra

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