Constant development keeps Port of Rotterdam as the main gate for Europe


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Port of Rotterdam is creating a milestone in the port industry and issuing a new benchmark for ports all over the world. It is what we can call as “homework done”.

Rotterdam has invested in new areas through the project Maasvlakte 2, a high-sustainability project.

This project has expanded the port area and created a new top European location for port activities and industry to the west of the well known port and industrial area. When the construction of Maasvlakte 2 began in 2008, the sea there was 17 metres deep. Maasvlakte 2 existed on no map, except for the design drawings. Maasvlakte 2 will soon encompass 1,000 hectares net of industrial ground, located directly on deep water.

To stand still is to regress. This applies to the port of Rotterdam too. The port has already grown rapidly during recent decades. In order to meet increasing demand in the future also, and to maintain its leading role, the port must expand and it is exactly what is being done.

See the results for the first quarter in the video below:

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is developing the port area in cooperation with various parties. The Port Authority aims to develop the port and industrial complex efficiently, safely and flexibly by accommodating transport flows and the establishment of businesses and optimally exploiting the available land, whilst ensuring there is a fit with the surrounding area.

The port of Rotterdam is constantly being further developed to make sure it is and will continue to be the best port in the world.

During these tough times and facing the competition from Asia giant ports, Rotterdam has shown a growth of 8,8% in container volume and 10,8% in the total volume from January to April.

By Rodrigo Cintra

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