Marine Consulting, Information, Training, Oil & Gas Consulting


Grupo Portal Marítimo is a brazilian group focused in the maritime, oil & gas market, actuating in the information market and also as a specialized consultancy company providing support for businness in Brazil and training for individuals or companies.

Group has began as a blog and reached the top levels of trustability by actuating based in 5 pillars:

  • Reliability
  • Transparency
  • Diversity
  • Quality
  • Clients and Readers focus

Portal Maritimo got a highlighted position in the brazilian maritime market both on information and technical aspects and also in the international market being the official media partner for the main events in Brazil like Rio Oil & Gas, Maritime Summit and Navalshore / Marinetec, among others.

The knowledge accumulated over the years has qualified Portal Maritimo as a nice partnership option for information, training and consultancy.

Brazilian Navy has recognized in 2011 Grupo Portal Maríitimo as a relevant partner for Naval activities in Brazil and honored Mr Rodrigo Cintra, Grupo Portal Maritimo Founder, with the Medal of Honor “Navy’s Friend”​. He was also interviewed by very important magazines as Valor Economico and ISTO É and top newspapers as Correio Braziliense and Correio de Minas, taking Grupo Portal Marítimo to a special position.

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